Continuing Education

Recorded Interactive Webinars

Continuing education webinars are offered for professionals to obtain continuing education hours to renew their certification. However, anyone can attend a webinar.

All webinars will award 2 hours of education (unless otherwise stated.)

All registered participants will receive a link to the recording, handout and supporting information.

Webinar Registration Fees:

2 Hours = $20.00

         Bundle Discounts as follows:

  5-10 Hours = $75.00         11-15 Hours = $125.00     16-20 Hours = $165.00     21-25 Hours = $200.00 26-30 Hours = $265.00 31-40 Hours = $350.00 41-50 Hours = $435.00

Special Education Offering

- Introductory Course -

Understanding the Role
of the Activity Professional

6 Hours of Continuing Education available via webinar recording

Getting to Know the People Involved, Programming, Supplies, Budgets, Documentation, and Rules, Regulations and Surveys

Registration Fee $29.99
To register email and submit
registration fee via
Or send check/money order to:
Collins Healthcare Education
P.O. Box 780251; Orlando, FL 32878-0251

      Activity Involvement: Through the Year Series 2024

  Monthly Webinar Series

  • Activity Involvement - Involving Everyone;

  • Card Games & Community Programs;

  • Therapeutic Programs; Indoor/Outdoor Programs;

  • Volunteers in Activities; Intellectual Programs; Technology;

  • Interests/Preferences - Individual/Independent;

  • Educational Programs; Sundowning; Bingo;

  • Zentangle & Other Creative Explorations

Activity Involvement: Through the Year Series  are 12 individual webinars to assist the activity professional in programming areas that will assist in keeping their clients/residents involved.  Individually 1 hour each, for the complete series (12 hours) special registration cost of $75.00. 

Department Operations:

        Being Prepared for Survey


         Calendar Development (4 Hours)

         Creating a Newsletter (4 Hours)

         Flyers That Draw Attention (4 Hours)

         Orientation to the Activity Department

         Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI)

         Resident Council

         Staffing the Activity Department

         Working with Volunteers



         Care Plans

         Minimum Data Set (MDS) – Section F

         Progress Notes

         Supporting Documentation



         Introduction to Microsoft Office






        Activity/Recreation Programming in Senior Healthcare: The In’s & Out’s  (6 Hours) – Understanding Program Types, Program Planning, Program Requirements, Programming for Your Clients, Calendar Development and Marketing Your Programs

         Adapting Recreational Programs

         Community Programs

         One-to-One Programs  


Helping Hands

         Programming: A Helping Hand (12 – 1 hour webinars related to Programming) – Men’s Activities, Creativity, White Board Activities, Individual/Independent Programming, Drumming, Sensory Activities, One-to-One Programming, You Tube Resources, Using Pinterest, Holidays, Programming for Clients with Cognitive Impairments and Programming Within Your Community (Individually 1 Hour, 12 Hours Total Series) Special Registration Fees of $75.00 for all 12 programs.

         Programming Using Tablets/iPads

         Therapeutic Programs

         Understanding Functional Level Assessment 


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