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The Activity/Recreation Education Foundation Series has been developed to assist all activity professionals who work in a senior healthcare community. It is divided into eight (8) ebooks that will address content of understanding so the activity professional can meet professional standards of their position.
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Introduction to the Activity/Recreation Education Foundation

This introduction will address how the activity professional needs a general understanding of many different areas. It is important for the activity professional to have a solid foundation of what their position includes.
Series Checklist is located here.

Building a Strong Foundation

Department Operations

Department Operations will address tasks that take place throughout the day for a smooth operation of the department you oversee.


Understanding the documentation requirements is very important. This ebook will detail the different documentation the activity professional should be familiar with.

Health Care - General

It is important to have a clear understanding of healthcare in general. Senior healthcare settings, what role the Activity Professional plays in meeting the clients’ needs, working with other departments and others will be addressed.
Overview of Aging

Activity professionals will be associated with clients with different aging concerns. It is important to have a general understanding of the overview of aging and how it affects the Activity Department.


Understanding the different program types, calendar development, special concern areas, adapting programs for everyone and other programming areas will be addressed.

Regulations are a key component in understanding the activity professional role in a healthcare community.

Building a Foundation


This section will address “other” topics that may be delegated to the Activity Department.


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