Activity Continuing Education (ACE)
Continuing education at the convenience of your own home.

Activity Continuing Education (ACE) is continuing education being offered in a home study format. Each session will award five (5) hours of education. These sessions will be either presented in either handout format or Power Point presentations. Individuals completing these educational hours will complete the required work and return it to the office to be graded. Once the completed work has been submitted and graded, a certificate of completion will be awarded. Registration fee for each session is $49.00 if sending payment to Collins Healthcare Education. If paying using PayPal on this website $59.00. Anyone registering for six (6) sessions at the same time will receive a discounted registration fee of $250.00 – if sending payment to Collins Healthcare Education, if paying PayPal on this website $275.00. 

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Activity Continuing Education I (Department Operations/Documentation)
Each session will award five (5) hours of education:

Documentation within the Activity Department
Activity Assessments and the Minimum Data Set 3.0 #2
Supporting Documentation (Progress Notes, One-to-One Documentation, Attendance Records, etc.) #3
Resident/Family Councils #4
Surviving Surveys #5
Developing Activity Care Plans #6
Activity Department Orientation #19
Developing Utilizing Volunteers in the Activity Department #20

Activity Continuing Education II (Programming)
Each session will award five (5) hours of education:

Developing Therapeutic Programs #7
Programming for the Cognitively Impaired Client #8
Programming for the Rehab/Subacute Client #9
Understanding Program Types #10
Program Adaptations #11
Community Based Programs #12
One-to-One Programming #21
Therapeutic Programs Using Tablets & iPads #22
Multi-Sensory Environments #23
Dementia Specific Programming #24

Activity Continuing Education III (Creative Programming)
Each session will award five (5) hours of education:

Paper Crafts #13
Holiday Crafts #14
Creative Expression #15
Thematic Programs #16
Kitchenless Cooking #17
Musical Programs for the Non-Musician #18


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